Happy Birthday, Ravo!

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Has Anyone Heard from Erwin (Wulpen)?

Got an email from Ravo asking if I could make a post about a conversation/post on Vivaldi that was (apparently) from Erwin’s wife. It’s clearer if I just post them here:

The conversation/email/message Ravo was sent:

My apologies David [Ravo], I’m Erwin’s wife … I thought E would have pointed out to you my name.  Never mind.  He might be dead so my conversation and life stops here as well.  I contacted the police of the country he was last in and IP (they are idiots anyway as they nearly killed him a few month ago when moving him every few hours from location to location.  I thought I let you know as E has asked me if it is okay that you write a book about tree cutting.  So please, should he be dead put that in it as evil (=ego) had done too much damage to this planet already.

The email Ravo sent to myself, and Devans:

Hi David & David.

I don’t know what to do about this message. It is about our Opera Friend, Erwin (the bird guy).  I got two cryptic messages from this person yesterday & I thought it was a scam.  Now, I’m not so sure.  I sent a copy of the message yesterday to Dennis (H82type) to see what he thought, and I haven’t heard back.  As you know, Erwin, Dennis, and a few others set up blogs on Vivaldi.net. Can you please contact Erwin’s friends where you are blogging and send them a copy of this message? We have to find out fast if it is authentic or a cruel scam of some kind.

I’m going to assume it is from Erwin’s wife and send a short follow-up message to her (them or whoever) tomorrow to try to find out more specific information. As you know, Erwin was always pissing off developers as he tried to protect the bird’s habitat (also governments who ran bird refuges poorly). Please help me locate Erwin or see if he is still alive & what country he was in at the time. Thanks for you help. Send me emails here [just post comments here and I’ll copy/paste back to Ravo, ’cause I’m not sure of the protocol of putting his private email online], and if it is Erwin and he is in trouble, I can coordinate an effort to bring out the heavy artillery and get him home.


Dave Cox.