David Scott Aubrey is a world-renowned artist and writer, with works numbering in the hundreds of millions across media and genres of all types.

Some of his best-known works include the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, For A Man, I’m Lactating Just Right, the Eisner Award-winning comic book series, Christ! What’s That Under My Foot?! and the Myer Award-winning performance art piece, Damn, Gravity, You Comfy, Comfy Bitch! where he maintains a marathon seven hour stint in front of a large television whilst sleeping on a recliner in an air-conditioned room on a hot summer’s day in a post-ironic protest against global warming.

His latest work is another performance art piece called, The David Fund, where he attempts to disprove The Secret‘s Law of Attraction by daring people to send him large sums of money for absolutely nothing in return. Those who wish to disprove his disproval can send money. Those who want to prove his disproval can send money, too. Uh … wait, I’m confused! Ehh … just send money.

His Archibald Prize-winning series of Surrealist paintings, Yes, A Rhino’s Horn Up the Backside Would Be a Pain in the Ass, I’d Imagine can be seen at the National Gallery until the 15th.

You can also find copies of his new ARIA Award-winning CD, Noises I Make to Clear Elevators 2 online if you’re fast enough.


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  1. I sent money to the David fund and have never felt better. Not only was my wallet noticeably lighter to the point that my back problems have disappeared, but I was sent a welcome package from The David Fund. This well thought out five word note both congratulated me on buying into the fund, as well as gave me advice for life. “Ha ha. You bought that?” it said, and I knew then it was money well spent. It taught me to laugh at the world and to question everything even when the question should be a statement. Such wisdom truly transcends the dialysis my daughter (rest her soul) needed according to the man.

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