Linux Mint 16 “Petra” MATE Thumbnail Problems

Very quick post just in case it can help anyone out there …

Recently upgraded from Linux Mint 15 “Olivia” Mate-Desktop to Linux Mint 16 “Petra” MATE and had lots of problems getting thumbnails for anything but image files to work (regardless of what settings I used in Edit > Preferences > Preview in Caja). Finally stumbled across a solution here that worked for me.  A quick install of Evince (which kind of was and wasn’t there), and I had thumbnails back for .cbr and .cbz (comic book archive) files.

After a bit of digging around, I discovered that Totem wasn’t installed, for some reason. A quick install, and I had video file thumbs back, too!

Both were installed via Synaptic, but I’m sure they could also be installed through the Software Manager or apt-get.

Hope that can be of use to someone! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Linux Mint 16 “Petra” MATE Thumbnail Problems

  1. Interesting. I tried Mint a long way back, but found it heavy to run on limited spec hardware. The same problem with all *buntu based distros. (Mint was forked from Ubuntu some years back) I found my perfect distro in Crunchbang, which runs on the Openbox WM and uses VLC as it’s default media player. 😀

    On 05/12/2013, Tapping Away in the Middle of the Night

    1. I have been using Puppy Linux (full install) for the past three years and I have been very happy with it. 😎

      I’m not really a Linux expert but Puppy runs good with limited specs.

      1. I like Puppy. My favourite was Lucid Lynx 10.04, but they decided to ‘do an Opera’ on that and completely ignore what people wanted in their quest for Unity (hmm … ironic that Unity divided so many), so I had to look elsewhere for an up-to-date distro.

      2. Puppy is cool and very useful as a live cd. It’s not the best way to learn Linux though as it does almost everything in a way that is unique to Puppy.
        I once used it to help a colleague who’s HDD had fried. Kept him going till he bought a new HDD. 😀

    2. I recently found Mint with the Mate Desktop to run really well on my little Acer Aspire One. And it gives me Gnome back to play with, which is nice. Of course, I’ve been spending more time in the last couple of weeks tweaking and configuring everything (to say nothing of trying to find Opera/M2 replacements) than doing actual work …

      1. The problem is that Gnome went weird with Gnome 3 at the same time that Ubuntu went Unity.
        That’s when I switched to Openbox and no full desktop.
        It did take a little time to find Crunchbang, but when I did, it was perfect for me.
        The only major thing I do is install Guake, a terminal emulator that’s set to the f12 key.

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