Somewhere Only We Know

Note: Originally (obviously) posted on my old My.Opera blog, hence the comments about WordPress being ‘over there’ and ‘my blog here’.  Just thought I’d point that out.

Over the last couple of weeks, there’s been a fair bit of talk throughout the Opera Community about the possibility of Opera being sold to Facebook.

Although this now doesn’t look very likely, it seems to have been the final straw for quite a few folks, who are now looking for somewhere else to blog.

Although not unexpected in a site this large, there are many errors, difficulties, problems and hassles that people are having with the site. And the recent DDoS attack (though obviously not the fault of the code monkeys behind the scenes at Opera) hasn’t helped matters.

So … people are looking to leave.

And fair enough, too.  When you put as much thought, effort, care and energy into your posts as so many of the people at My.Opera do, it’s frustrating and disheartening for them when the platform they’re using doesn’t work for them, whatever the reason.

WordPress seems to be the generally-decided-upon platform folks are looking to migrate to, based on what I’ve been reading here and there, which is understandable, given that it’s probably the most popular blogging platform on Earth.  I’ve played around with it a bit in the past, and found it to be both frustrating as shit … and really cool.  Nevertheless, although I haven’t looked into installing the software on my computer at the moment, I’ve got a blog there, though – save for a dodgy ‘Under Construction’ picture (you’ve been warned) – no content on it at present …

… and that’s because I’ve been a bit reticent to dump everything Opera and go over there.  Perhaps I’m one of the lucky ones, since (aside from the difficulties caused by the DDoS attack) I haven’t had too many problems here.  In fact, looking at a pros/cons list (which will be different for everyone, since everyone browses via different devices, with different browsers, through different ISPs, has different content, expectations and styles), things are weighing quite heavily in Opera’s favour.

The browser is kinda shitting me at the moment (can’t log in to Twitter from it, it hangs badly quite often, as random/memory and CPU use shoots up into the stratosphere) … but the site is doing well by me.

I kind of feel a bit of loyalty to the old beasts.  Without the Browser I wouldn’t have discovered the Community.  And without the Community, I wouldn’t have you ‘orrible lot as friends. 😉  Without going all sappy, I might not communicate with you every day, I might never meet you in person, but the friends I have here I consider actual friends (as opposed to online acquaintances).  I care about what’s going on in your lives, your opinions, things you find interesting, etc.  Which is saying something, since I’m somewhat misanthropic.

I was gonna do up a big list of pros and cons here, going into great detail about things I like (and don’t like) about WordPress, compared to things I like (and don’t like) about Opera.  Below is just a sample:

  • I’m familiar with Opera.  I like change about as much as the notion of colonic irrigation!
  • I kind of know bbCode well enough to easily write up an Opera blog post the way I want it (though I’m familiar enough with html to do the same.  CSS kinda messes with me a bit, but it’s not that difficult to pound out, really).
  • I’ve got a few templates for posts already saved; moving from Opera would mean I’d have to change ’em from bbCode to html and CSS (I know, I know! 🙄 )
  • I’d have to go through each post and convert all the bbCode to html/css (not to mention re-uploading photos, fixing broken links, etc).
  • Blogging is free here; seems I have to pay money on a yearly basis at WordPress for a tool to so much as configure my CSS (though I could be wrong about that, I haven’t looked into it that deeply yet). ಠ_ಠ
  • General configuration (polls, theme, files, etc) is simple here, though it’s probably just the same dance to a different tune over on WordPress.
  • Porting across without comments doesn’t sit too well; people put effort and time and care into those comments (for the most part 😉 ).
  • The whole Facebook/privacy thing doesn’t worry me too much.  If it happens, I can simply use things like AdBlock, NoScript and/or Ghostery if I feel like it, to disable Facebook’s ability to dig through my stuff.

The thing is, though, making a massive list doesn’t really matter.  My perspective on the situation can be summed up by the following:

I’m obviously going to make the effort to keep in touch with my friends, regardless of what platform they’re blogging on (hence why I’ve set up a blog over there … AFAIK I need an account to interact with people) …because they’re worth it.

And … I really can’t be arsed moving things and changing bbCode to html on hundreds of different posts.

So there you have it.  Unless something catastrophic happens, Opera is stuck with me.  But so are my friends … 😈 😆

The title of this post came from here:

I was definitely trying to be a little too ‘clever’ by using it, but I was looking for something to symbolize moving and change and suchlike, and it was one of the first results in Google. 😕 😆

Obviously it’s not the end of the world because some folks are moving their blogs to a different platform … but I was feeling a little bit ‘naff, because I don’t like change. 😥

The alternative was to GIMP up a picture from X-Men 3, overlaying profile pics of some of you lot onto the characters and calling it Opera: The Last Stand … but that would’ve been silly! 🙄 😆